Rescue Series To Benefit The Red Thread Movement


I am very excited to partner with the Red Thread Movement through the Rescue Series to raise awareness and funds to help stop human trafficking and provide hope and life skills to rescued girls. The 72 Hour Abduction will raise awareness of my art project and the important work that the Red Thread Movement is doing.

The Red Thread Movement‘s mission is to generate awareness of the global human rights crime of sexual slavery, particularly of women and young girls; raise financial support for efforts to end sex trafficking in Nepal and educate girls in Nepal to actively prevent sex trafficking on the front lines. Visit their website:

The completed Rescue Project will be three concrete cells that will house representations of incarcerated people. These pieces will be “cast shadow” works where the ultimate idea of the work will be represented by the shadow the piece casts. Visit our campaign page for more information.

My hope is to create a tour with the pieces in the late spring and summer of next year. Since the pieces will be representations of actual cells I thought it would be very impacting to have an artist, activist or other person (like a pastor, youth leader or teacher) local to the area we go to participate in a “24 Hour Abduction” where they would actually stay in the art for a 24 period. We would allow them to have a set of sharpies and they could write or draw on the cell walls. I can imagine the heart of the movement speaking through those walls.

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