Invest In the “Price of Freedom”

In my last post I said I would rather never sell another piece of art. Hopefully as things progress and I can develop a system of support or, like in medieval times I can procure a Patron of the Arts, I will be able to do just that. However, the present reality is that making art is about selling art.

I refuse to just “sell art,” though, the art will make a statement and help support a worthy cause. Here’s how you as an individual or as a group can help me make art and also make some money for yourself and/or organization.

Investor needed:

I am looking for an investor(s) to help provide funding to do a limited edition “Price of Freedom” print series. There will be 100 numbered hand-printed and signed pieces. 


Prints are 24” x 48”

Latex and Acrylic on Heavy Acid Free Paper

Each print will sell for $25. From each piece this is how the funds will be distributed:

$5.00 Donated to IJM

$15.00 to Investor

$5.00 to Artist

$500 Investment

Please Contact Armando Heredia


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