Art That Makes Me Afraid…

I have spent the last week working until late into the night to finish a piece of art that I am afraid to exhibit. It’s titled “The Party Dress” and it will be a part of Varsity, a show put on by Art St. louis, The execution is bold, technically it is solid, in fact, it is exactly one of the best works I have ever done and it makes me want to cry. Every dark and scary place I have been to in my heart and emotions, every feeling of loss and abandonment, despair and rejection has been boiling right under the surface all week long. I am afraid to hang it out there where everybody will be able to see it, but I am compelled to show it. This is my tribute to you, Bonnie, Robert, Michael, Myra. it’s a tribute to women who are in abusive relationships. Please, don’t stay in that relationship, you don’t have to be abused, your children need to be safe. My Father’s name was Armando. I forgive you, Dad. I wish things would have been different.

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