Busy Day on ArtAgainstOppression.com

We are gearing up and excited about the Art Against Oppression Awareness Tour coming in just a few weeks. Our website has seen a great amountof traffick and we are getting some great traction nationwide (and quite a few hits globally). I grabbed a screen pic from my stat counter today. Please keep us in prayer as we move forward. This is a major project that has already consumed countless hours of effort. We are looking forward to meeting people passionate about social justice and sharing the message with those who haven’t heard.


If you haven’t been on the site in a while, you should visit. We’ve updated the feel of the site as well as added more venues onthe tour. http://www.artagainstoppression.com

We are looking for sponsors for the tour as well as the website. Visit the Stats and Sponsor Opps page on the site.

Thanks to all of our host venues and the folks pushing to get the word out about this important tour.


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