Icarus for Sale (Please Read)


Icarus is by far one of my most dramatic pieces from the “A Million Years in 180 Days” reclamation series. This relief sculpture was made using a large piece of reclaimed construction-grade Styrofoam that I salvaged from a construction site in Collinsville, IL.

The subject matter is from the fall of Icarus, a greek legend about the danger of pride. The piece will endure and will appreciate in value.

Principle tells me that I should price this piece at $1,500 and not budge, but reality and the monthly rent payment demand that I sell the piece. I will cry when I sell it, but I need $200 for rent and gas money for a show this weekend in Louisville, so I am letting it go for $300.

Icarus is 2″ x 24″ x 78″ and is finished with concrete, acrylic and oils.

If you are interested in seeing the piece or purchasing it, please contact me at 618.971.0935 or armando@heredia.ws.

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