Carving Out A Purpose…

Our new venue is coming along great. In fact, several of us just stood around the last time we met to work on the building because there wasn’t that much left to do.

As we were developing the interior design we sectioned off the pre-existing entry hallway into a small vestibule. This left us with a tremendous room at the front of our coffee bar. It has a lot of class. We were kicking around some ideas as to what we should do for doors when it was jokingly suggested that we make our own.

Something about that really stuck with me so I spoke with a fellow artist and craftsmen, Ben Meydam, who is a member of our group and we decided that we would indeed make a set of doors. Our grand scheme was to hand carve the Tapestry logo into the front of a gothic style door.

The process was great. In preparation we took 1″ x 4″ planks of unfinished wood, distressed them and mounted them to a 3/4″ sheet of plywood on both sides. Then we drew off the logo and carved it with hammer and chisel. We finished it and painted the lions on the interior of the doors. The finish size of the doors are 3′ x 8′ each. This spans a 6′ x 8′ entry way. 

I enjoyed this project immensely and am going to pursue this type of work. It seemed like one of those moments where “purpose” was being fulfilled. If you or someone or a company you know would like to add character to your space, please contact me at 618.971.0935. We can discuss the project.

This would be a great Christmas present for anyone who has invested in creating a “man cave” or to accent a high end conference area.

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