Heading to Baton Rouge

Photo by Russ Cripps
Photo by Russ Cripps

Recently, a friend of mine, Russ Cripps, from Louisiana, posted a photo of flood debris. In his comment he said there were miles and miles of trash piled on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up and discarded. I knew when I saw that picture that I had to go to Louisiana to help make a difference using art.

I will be traveling, along with my son, to Baton Rouge to create one of a kind pieces of art work from the flood debris that we will sell. 100% of the profit will be donated to the flood victims through our host, Acacia Church, who are already working hard to help those affected by the flood.

Acacia Church  in Baton Rouge will be hosting us, giving us space to work and stretch out our sleeping bags.

The funds we are raising are to help cover our cost in getting to Baton Rouge so we can create the artwork that will be sold to help flood victims. We have half of our bus fare covered and need help to cover the other half. We will also use the funds to buy gear (masks, gloves, etc) to keep us safe while we are gathering materials, and to cover any other expenses directly related to our artistic effort.

Our bus will leave from Phoenix, AZ on August 25, 2016 and leave Baton Rouge for our return on September 1, 2016. So, we need to raise these funds in the next two days.

I am so grateful to everyone who is able to help and/or participate in this effort. Art is not a hobby for me, it is the passion that drives me, and using art to make a difference in our world is my ultimate goal. Please help us get to Baton Rouge by donating to our GoFundme.com account. Thank You!

If you are an artist, and you would like to participate, please contact me at Armando [@] heredia.ws.


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