The Art of Redemption

Armando and Nathaniel at the hour of darkness (2:45 AM) Phoenix Greyhound Station
What a whirlwind of emotions this lat week’s journey held. Nathaniel and I traveled 33 hours by Greyhound to Baton Rouge, LA from Phoenix, AZ to create artwork from the flood debris. Our goal was to offer hope to the flood victims as well as help raise funds for flood relief. Our host, Acacia Church, in Baton Rouge covered the cost of our tickets there and gave us a place to sleep and work in their awesome building.
We were able to create four pieces of art. Three of the pieces are symbols of the state of Louisiana, the black bear, the pelican and the magnolia, the fourth was commissioned by Pastor Russ Cripps, a cross representing redemption.
Our goal was to create art that did not memorialize the flood, but rather, celebrated the character of the state and its great people.
On Sunday, Pastor Russ Cripps and I shared the heartbeat of reclamation art with the church. The message of reclamation art is a visual representation of the gospel.
Here is a link to the audio from the service. There were a few technical difficulties, and there is a skip in the conversation. It may be a little confusing initially, but it doesn’t detract from the over all message.

The Redemption of the Broken

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