Notes on Galatians 

Over the last few weeks at Encounter Church we’ve gone through the book of Galatians. Various people shared messages based on this letter written by Paul to the churches of Galatia.  

These are my notes from the sessions. I wrote them in poetic verse, because it helps me stay focused. Enjoy. 

Week 1

The Lawman

I quit being a law man

So I could be God’s man

I ain’t living any longer

And, it’s crazy, but it’s making me stronger
It all comes down to this

I found my life when I lost it

I buried the badge, dropped the gun

I had a plan, but it was the wrong one

I gotta stop doing things my way

I quit being a law man

So I could be God’s man

I ain’t living any longer

And, it’s crazy, but it’s making me stronger

I ain’t the god I thought I was

And my aim is sometimes wrong

‘Cause my passion and desire

Sent me down a road that was long

The world didn’t give me anything

Even when I got it all

They told me I could have it, that I was the one in charge

And though I walk through the valley of the ones living large

I’m not staying here, I’m moving on

I found my life when I lost it

I found my life when I lost it

I quit being a law man

So I could be God’s man

I ain’t living any longer

And, it’s crazy, but it’s making me stronger

Week 2

God’s Answer to our insanity

Nobody is going to pay my way

I’ve got it covered, by myself

If you are willing to pick up the check

I’ll let you this time,

but hate that I’m in your debt

Jesus offered me this free gift

But, now I’m working hard to pay it back

The price is so high, and I’m so off track

I don’t think I’m going to make it

Can I work hard enough

To be good enough

To pay back his love

so I can be debt free

Who cast this evil spell on me

So that I’m missing it, I can’t see

The message of the cross

I tried the law, but I was lost

And now I’m saved, and still trying to rely on me
This is insanity

I’ve heard it’s impossible to do this by myself

I know that’s true, ’cause I’ve tried

I’m a nine out of ten, and that’s not enough

‘Cause the law cannot be obeyed,

it was made to lead me to Christ 

The cost of sin is death

But the gift He gives covered it

It comes through faith

He won’t pay me for work I do

If He did, his grace wouldn’t be true

I’ve got to stop trying to deserve something God wants me to have

I’m not going to live how I ought to

Because I feel ashamed

I’m going to walk in a life of want to because I’m covered by His name

Week 3

There is something comforting 

In keeping score

How do I know if I’m a winner

If there’s no place to enter

The points that someone makes

I’m looking for a standard

So I can quantify what I’m giving

Maybe God could give me points

To show me how well I’m living

We’re not the first to desire

A law and a grade to let us know

How well we represent

The Savior who was sent

To free us

I cannot of my own effort

Know God

I can’t kick down the door and demand

That He would recognize, me, ’cause I am the man

We are known by Him, He gives us grace, He opens the door and shows us his face
I had no rights, but I was a millionaire’s son

I couldn’t make a choice, a slave made every one

No choice, no autonomy, no decision 

And, this is what I want

Wish we could turn back time

To the good old days

When our mama sang us to sleep

But now we’re stressed out

Religion was my tutor

He kept the score

And it didn’t matter how I worked

I always needed more

But Jesus came to give us full rights

Adopted as a son, no longer a slave

This is the reason that He came

He adopts me and I will call Him, Abba

I am not a stranger, He is my father

He wants to know me better than a code

He want to know me and be known

Like a daddy who knows his son

And loves us, no matter what

No points, no score board

It’s all based on His love

I don’t know if I like it
It’s all so complex

And I know what happens next

I will try to go back to the way it was before

‘Cause I hated it, but I need the score

The is so much safer, I can measure it

Otherwise, I’m not sure if I’ll win

I’m such a fool

It’s easier to be told what to do

It’s really hard to hear from You

I don’t know if I’m right or wrong

How do I really trust the Son?

I should have built the walls higher

And say I’m doing so well

But, I’m just another liar

So I’ll drop all of these rules

And turn my heart to You

And cry, Abba, Father

Make me your son, your daughter

I will follow you, forever

Week 4 – Missed this one

Week 5


There is a purpose for the freedom 
Is it just so I can get it right?

No, there is no ulterior motive

He just came to give me a life

That is free in him

I wonder how God feels about me when I fall

I found his heartbeat in the word restoration 

He wants to continue to make me a new creation

He doesn’t discard me, but continues to call me to this new law

The law of Christ is not like the old one

This one is based on his perfect love

We sow and water to see the 

We are free to love

We are free to be a bridge

For those who are separated from God above


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