We’re all a little anxious

Series Available For Exhibit

This series began as an exercise to express my own anxieties and comment on their effects on myself and the way I perceive the world around me. As a poet, even my visual ideas are framed in verse, so it was natural to include a line or title to encapsulate the symbolism of many of the pieces.

There are a few recurring symbols in the series, and this is what I think they mean (as of now):

1. The Eye:

The eye is the window to the soul, so this represents humanity, or myself.

2. The Hand holding the dot:

In most of these designs, the hand is reaching down to grasp the dot. This represents God, or a spiritual aspect.

3. Teeth:

The teeth represent anxiety or the problems of life and how they affect us.

4. Scales or Armor:

The armor represents my tendency to go into self preservation mode, but there’s usually an open spot to get in and out.

Check out the entire exhibit here.

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