This was created as a concept video for a youth ministry I was a part of back in the early 1990’s.

I shot this video hand-held strictly for archive purposes. I was so moved by Loida’s ministry that I revisited the footage and did a post-edit using Premier Pro. My goal was to create a dramatic, glossy look to enhance the feel of the moment.

Teaser/Trailer for the Kentucky District 2006 Youth Camp Highlight video.

Arron talking about acoustic worship.

Impromptu video shoot/edit for a conference. I had a rough script idea when I met Porter and Hester in Jackson, Miss. We did a quick rehearsal, shot the video in a couple of takes. I then edited the video during the planning session for the event and showed it that same day at the end of the meeting.

As an artist I see the beauty of pattern and design in so many places. I am currently a full time student and I have been intrigued by the amount and transient nature of art in the classroom.

Produced by Armando Heredia along with the acting of Beau Hollis and camera work of Mike Ekbundit.

Tapestry Worship Band playing “The Cost” by the Rend Collective live at Tapestry in Granite City.