What Remains Series



The “What Remains Series” is a nod to the transient nature of art in the world around us, like the patterns that waves leave in beach sand, wiped clean every day by the tide, or the geometric offerings made by pine needles on the forest ground, blown away by wind or destroyed through decomposition. People, like you and me, also leave patterns, unintentional traces of beauty, behind. As an artist, I am inexplicably drawn to and moved by this almost negligible evidence. As a college student, I was able to see these traces in everyday classroom settings.

Specifically, each of my professors had a distinct pattern when erasing a chalkboard at the end of their lecture, so after class I used their stroke patterns to create abstract works with chalk. The work was photographed and color was added digitally. It represents Southwestern Illinois College Professors, Dr. Randi Papke, Biology, Joy Branlund, Earth Science and Michael McClure, math.

Branlund 002 | Photo of Chalk on Slate
Papke 001 | Photo of Chalk on Slate
McClure 002 | Photo of Chalk on Slate
Branlund 002 | Digitally Manipulated Photo of Chalk on Slate
McClure 001 | Digitally Manipulated Photo of Chalk on Slate
Papke 001 | Acrylic on Wood Panel



The next iteration of this series will be on supplied chalkboard, so that I can use the actual piece to create physical work, using a professor or lecturer’s eraser marks.

The new series will launch in 2019, in Arizona. If you are a ASU, GCU or NAU professor or lecturer and would like to participate, or if you have a professor that was influential in your education, please send your name and the name of the professor you would like to nominate. I am hoping to choose one professor from each school and create three mixed media pieces of work, per person.