Starting in the 1990’s, yes, in a previous century, I was fortunate to have access to a little square Apple Macintosh computer while working at a sign shop in Odessa, Tx. It had Adobe Photoshop 1.0 and Aldus Freehand 1.0 (which was later Macromedia Freehand). The pixel based Photoshop and the vector based Freehand became the foundation of a great graphics career that included logo design, publications, videography and a variety of collateral material for promotion and education.

I have worked in signage, garment design for screen and digital printing, at a newspaper, multiple ad agencies, as creative director for a retail mall, as AD for a video production company, and as a freelance professional. I am also versed in fine art and illustration, and have two traveling art galleries and participated in two humanitarian causes, using the arts to raise funds for natural disaster victims. You can also view more of my work on the Art page.

I also have written multiple children and youth ministry curriculum and have published a variety of books. My writings have been featured in a few trade magazines as well on various websites, and several of my plays have been performed at various churches.

Even though I left the agency and “professional” field of design, I was able to employ my skills at various churches across the country, essentially providing an in-house agency that encompassed graphic design, photography, videography, creative writing and presentation.

I am moving back towards my roots and my professional passion and working to relaunch my career in the creative field.

Below are work samples from the early 2000’s to today.

Cover Designs

Series and Promotions

Logo Designs


Illustration (from the “We’re All A Little Anxious” series)