The “F” Word.

I want to talk to you about the “F” word.

This summer I will be traveling with fellow Art Against Oppression visual and musical artists. We will be making a trip that encompasses over ten states and in excess of 5,000 miles.

We are relatively unknown working people driven by a passion to use our talent to make an impact on our world. Our goal is to raise awareness about important issues AND point people to organizations that are already working in those areas so they can get involved.

We want to go, and we want to come back. So we need something.

I am about to drop the f-bomb. Here it is… funding.

We need food and fuel. We need funding.

Will you consider buying a mile for $1.00? How about fifty miles?

Go to our campaign page and donate. We will be forever thankful and you will help us fulfill our mission.


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