Art from Nature…

As an artist I am always exploring new ways to create art. One of the things I am passionate about is reusing materials. As such, I have created works from discarded styrofoam and concrete to just about everything I have found on the side of the road. Last fall I found several pieces of palm tree fronds that had fallen from the palm trees in our apartment complex’s common area. I (of course) picked them up and brought them into the house.

I kicked around several ideas on how I could best use the pieces and created some western chaps as decor. They are fun and I am looking forward to sharing them at some local art fairs. I also may have an opportunity to sell them through a couple of companies that focus on western art.

Chaps by Armando Chaps by ArmandoChaps by Armando

I settled on this as my primary use for the fronds, but then I started pushing my imagination and came up with this:

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