I dream movies.

It seems like my dreams lately have been fully scripted movies shot in amazing HD quality. This is my dream from last night:



I had a dream last night about a man who had become bitter. He was a member of a sorority in college that was founded by a wealthy alumni member. The man offered every member of the sorority a brand new Ford Mustang. An unspoken rule of the sorority was to not accept the vehicle. So, during the sorority pledge they had a ceremony where they took the pledge of membership.

The ceremony involved the car offer and an elaborate rejection of the car by the new sorority members.

Each person recited the pledge, and made up a reason to reject the offer of the car. The next person would make the pledge and come up with a better or more elaborate reason not to accept the vehicle.

This man was at the school on a scholarship and was from a very poor family. He had planned to accept the car, but was shamed into rejecting it at the last minute. He failed out of college and went home to his poor family and was never able to rise above the poverty line.

He began to obsess about how his life could have been different if he would have accepted the car. He could have sold it, and had money for his family, he could have kept it and used it for work, and so on. His anger was toward the leader of the sorority and its rich members.

At the age of forty he has a breakdown after crossing paths with one of the members.

He isn’t violent in his actions, just in his words and ideas. He is so eaten up with bitterness over what he felt like was a trick to keep him from advancing in life. He blames the sorority for his failure in school and life. The rejection ceremony, to him, was his greatest failure, because he caved to the peer pressure and missed out on a vehicle he could never afford before or after.

The irony of the situation is that the founding alumni member actually wanted to give the car to any person who would accept it, but secretly initiated the rejection ceremony so that only a few, who were not conformist, would get the car and much more from his foundation.

So, in the end, he was right about a missed opportunity, but wrong on who was to blame.

I think it was the cheesecake, I had two slices last night before I went to bed.

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