As a commercial or even fine artist my challenge is to make art to sell to pay the rent and buy food for my children.

As an art activist I need to make art to speak for the oppressed and raise awareness about social issues.

I am not a hobbyist; this is not something I do as a past time or even for relaxation, some of these pieces burn in my heart and mind often causing me to feel ill until they are out, on paper or Styrofoam or some other medium.

I understand the Old Testament prophet that said “It’s like a fire shut up in my bones.” I don’t feel sacrilegious comparing art to preaching or evangelism. These are the messages that God gives me. My job is to express them to the world, sometimes for the world.

I would rather give away every piece of work I create or give away every dollar made to support people and entities that are impacting the world. This is my mission. Does that make me a missionary?

How can I do that without becoming a beggar on the street? I wish someone could help me figure out how to bridge this incredible gap.

I have thought of creating a campaign and just asking for money to be an artist, but who would I ask? These aren’t rhetorical questions, either. I am really feeling this calling to make an impact, not just make art. What do I do? Text, email or call me if you have a suggestion or can point me in the right direction. armando@heredia.ws | 618.971.0935

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